Labels belong on clothing not on you. Are you ready to transform and renew your mind to reach your desired goals and develop a more positive self-identity?    

  • Have you made an agreement with negative labels that hinder you from moving forward?

  • Have you labeled yourself as shy, an overthinker, or procrastinator?

  • Do you identify with the negative feelings caused by the labels of doubt, fear, and shame?

  • Do you have trouble completing task or goals?

  • Do you feel like there is more to life than what you are doing right now?

As your mindset/accountability coach I will journey with you as you move towards the mark of your higher calling. We use the wholistic (mind/body/spirit) approach in helping you create confidence and success in all areas of your life. We will incorporate the use of nature, meditation, and sound therapy as useful tools to aid in your healing journey. Our one-on-one coaching sessions will cover:

  • What you desire to accomplish over the next 3 month.

  • Setting realistic and obtainable goals.

  • Identifying negative self-talk and replacing those words with positive affirmations.

  • What you need to accomplish your goals and implementing a plan to reach your goals.

  • Creating a self-assessment tool to identify negative labels that create a negative mindset.

In our 3-month mindset/accountability coaching sessions we will address your needs by creating a personalized plan of self C.A.R.E. do you need assistance in…

  • Building self-esteem and self-awareness?

  • Creating positive self-talk?

  • Letting go of negative labels?

  • Renewing your mind to transform life?

  • Understanding and operating in the power within you?

The 3-month Mindset/Accountability coaching package includes:

  • In-person and/or virtual (zoom) meetings. (1hr each/ 2 per month)

  • Email support in-between sessions.

  • Worksheets and setting goals journal.

  • Access to group coaching session (Women of Intent Inc.)

Once you click the button on this page and complete your check out, you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your first session.

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The Not-So-Fine Print

But…before you hit that button, let’s talk about what is expected. This program is NOT for quitters. The expectation is that each participant will make payments AND complete the program in its entirety. Any payment modifications made AFTER the payment series starts and for ANY reason will result in a $25 administrative fee PER modification. Each person participating in this course agrees to these terms. By making the initial payment, you agree that you are responsible for the program’s total cost.

If you have worked with me before you know I give 1000% to everything I do and that I am passionate about your personal development. But I expect you to come with just as much passion. You are expected to attend your sessions as scheduled. I understand that life happens. Please reschedule your session if necessary. There is NO REFUND.

If you ready and able to show up for yourself and your business, I would be honored to work with you. Click the button on this page to get started.